A native of Badoc, Ilocos Norte, Chariz Joy G. Ronque was born and raised from a nurturing family. At a young age, she witnessed her family’s struggles in making a living out of farming. She is the second among the four offsprings of Rodolfo and Sharlyn.

Harvest after harvest to each kind of crop they can imagine, profit remained the same, a miniscule amount that barely supports a family.

“Why do you still go to school, you will just end up being a farmer anyway?” This random comment from neighbors buried a thorn in her childhood life. But growing up, she refused to let irrational judgement define her. Chariz vowed to herself, “I will persevere in making ends meet for my family, no matter how difficult it can be.”

One fateful day, an opportunity sparked a bright future, an answer to the dream of Chariz. In 2012, her family was listed as a beneficiary of the 4Ps. Another answered prayer was when Chariz qualified for the Expanded Students’ Grants-in-Aid Program for Poverty Alleviation (ESGP-PA) from 2015 to 2016.

Through hard work, determination, and the support from 4Ps, her life, and the lives of those around her, eventually transformed. Chariz’s journey from a struggling beneficiary to Social Work graduate with Latin Honors at the University of the Northern Philippines, to a Licensed Social Worker and now a part of the 4Ps workforce as a Municipal Link since 2021, is a dream come true.

Though her journey was filled with challenges and setbacks, Chariz never lost sight of her dreams, proving that with the right support and opportunity, anything is possible.

“The story of my family has inspired me to give back to 4Ps as a public servant.  I am a living proof and a testament that a 4Ps beneficiary can triumphantly conquer poverty. I am always proudly sharing this humble story of ours,” Chariz emotionally said

Chariz is an inspiration to families whose dream is to turn their back from poverty. “I was once just a dreamer, and now a believer. If we made it, surely you can also make it through,” Chariz profess. (by: Aldrin R. Gapuz, PDO II-Regional Compliance Verification Officer).