I. Program Overview

It is the policy of the State to ensure that every child remains under the care and custody of his/ her parent/s and be provided with love, care, understanding and security towards his/her full human development. Only when such efforts prove insufficient and no appropriate placement or adoption within the child’s extended family is available shall adoption by an unrelated person be considered.

Adoption a socio-legal process of providing a permanent family to a child whose parents have voluntarily or involuntarily relinquished parental authority over the child.

The framework adopted for the implementation of the domestic adoption is in consonance with the provisions of RA 8552, “Domestic Adoption Act of 1998” and its Implementing Rules and Regulations. The law encourages domestic adoption so as to preserve the child’s identity and culture.

II. Target Beneficiaries

  1. Who May Be Adopted
    • Any person below 18 years of age who has been issued a certificate that he/she is legally available for adoption
    • Legitimate son/daughter of one spouse; by the other spouse.
    • An illegitimate son/daughter by a qualified adopter; to improve his/her status to that of legitimacy.
    • A person of legal age if, prior to the adoption, said person has been consistently considered and treated by the adopter/s as his/her own child since minority.
    • A child whose adoption has been previously rescinded.
    • A child whose biological or adoptive parent/s has died. Provided that no proceedings shall be initiated within six months from the time of death of the said parent/s.
      * Any Filipino citizen or alien residing in the Philippines who has the qualifications under RA 8552
  2. Who May Adopt
    1. Any Filipino citizen of legal age, in possession of full civil capacity and legal rights;
    2. Of good moral character; Has not been convicted of any crime involving moral turpitude; Emotionally and psychologically capable of caring for children
    3. At least 16 years older than the adoptee, who is in a position to support and care for his/ her children in keeping with the means of the family.
    4. In addition to these qualifications required for Filipino nationals, an alien may adopt if:
      • He/ She is a citizen of a State which has diplomatic relations with the Philippines;
      • Has been certified by his/her diplomatic or consular office or any appropriate agency that he/she is qualified to adopt in his country, and that his/her government will allow the adoptee to enter the adopter’s country and reside there permanently as an adopted child
      • Has submitted the necessary clearances and other certification as may be required by the Department.

III. Documentary Requirements

For the Prospective Adoptive Parent

  1. Home Study Report prepared by a licensed social worker with the following documents:
    • Authenticated birth certificate or foundling certificate
    • Marriage Certificate in SECPA form, if married or authenticated divorce papers with copy of court decision and Certificate of Finality (for cases of foreign PAPs) by their Consulate, Annulment Decree with Certificate of Finality, Declaration of Nullity, or Legal Separation documents (for Filipino applicants)
    • Written Consent of Adoption by the legitimate and adopted sons/ daughters if living with the applicant, who are at least 10 years old.
    • Physical and Medical Evaluation by a duly licensed physician (certification to indicate the applicant has no medical condition that prevent him/her in acting or assuming parental responsibilities.
    • Psychological Evaluation Report. The validity if the report will depend on the assessment of the Psychologist.
    • NBI or Police Clearance.
    • Latest income tax or any other documents showing financial capability e.g. Certification of Employment, Bank Certificate or Statement of Assets and Liabilities.
    • Three (3) Character References (e.g. the local church/ Minister, the employer and a non-relative member of the immediate community who have known the applicant/s for at least 3 years)
    • 3 x 5 inch sized photos of the applicants and his/her immediate family members (taken within the last three (3) months)
    • Affidavit of Temporary Custody
  2. Certificate of attendance in pre-adoption forum/seminar
  3. Adoptive Family Profile

The following are additional requirements for foreign Nationals:

  • Certification that the applicant(s) have legal capacity to adopt in his/her country and that his/ her country has a policy, or is a signatory of an international agreement, which allows a child adopted in the Philippines by its national to enter his/her country and permanently reside therein as his/her legitimate child which may be issued by his/ger country’s diplomatic or consular office or central authority on inter-country adoption or any government agency which has jurisdiction over the child and family matters.
  • Certificate of Residence in the Philippines issued by the Bureau of Immigration or Department of Foreign Affairs
  • Two (2) character references from non-relatives who knew the applicants in the country of which he/she is a citizen or was a resident prior to residing in the Philippines, except for those who have resided in the Philippines for more than fifteen (15) years
  • Police Clearance from all place or residence in the past two (2) years immediately prior to residing in the Philippines.

For the Prospective Adoptive Child

  • Authenticated birth certificate or foundling certificate
  • Written consent to adoption by the biological parent/s or the legal guardian and the written consent of the child who is at least 10 years old and above.
  • Death certificate of biological parents, Decree for Abandonment or Deed of Voluntary Commitment, as appropriate
  • Medical evaluation of the child and his/her parents, if available
  • Psychological evaluation
  • 1 Latest whole body picture of the child
  • Child Study Report prepared by a licensed Social Worker

IV. Contact Person/s

Social Welfare Officer V / Chief, Statutory Programs Division Chief
(072) 687-8000 Loc. 219
Telefax: (072) 888-2505

Social Welfare Officer IV/Community Based Services Section Head
(072) 687-8000 Loc. 212
Telefax: (072) 888-2505

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