I. Program Overview

Republic Act 8379 or the Family Court Act of 1997, section 17 states that in area where no family court has been established or no regional trial court was designated by the Supreme Court due to limited number of cases, the DSWD shall designate and assign qualified, trained, and DSWD accredited social workers of the Local Government Units (LGUs) to handle juvenile and family cases filed in the designated regional trail court of the place. Hence, in 2002 the DSWD through the Standards Bureau (SB) issued a guideline in the Accreditation of Social Workers Managing Court-Related Cases (SWMCC) to promote professional practice of social workers in managing court-related cases thereby ensuring delivery of quality service. Through accreditation, recognition is given to the Social Worker’s competence as an expert witness in court litigation and to exercise professional handling of cases in the court setting.

II. Projects/Services/Activities/Modalities

The Field Office through the Standards Section conduct pre-accreditation assessment of the documents submitted by the applicant. If found complete per prescribed requirements, the Standards Section Technical Staff will endorse to the Standards Bureau for accreditation within seven (7) working days.

III. Target Beneficiaries

Social Workers who are direct practitioners from DSWD Field Office, Residential and Center-Based Facilities, Local Government Units (LGUs), Court Social Workers, other Government Agencies, and Non-Government Organization.

IV. Eligibility Requirements

1. Must be a registered Social Worker; 2. Must have complete a basic / refresher course on managing court cases conducted by DSWD or its recognized training institutions;
3. Must have direct experience and presently handling at four (4) cases of any of the disadvantaged groups; and
4. For supervisors, should have (4) supervisees with two (2) limited caseloads.  
For Social Workers
1. Valid Professional Regulations Commission Registration ID Card;
2. Certificate of attendance to basic course training (at least 32 hours) on the management of court cases from DSWD or its recognized training institutions;
3. Summary documentation of four (4) cases managed; and
4. A letter of recommendation attesting the competence of the applicant from the supervisor.  
For Supervisors
1. First three (3) requirements stated above under new applicants for social worker; and
2. Technical supervisory notes of two (2) supervisees as proof of providing technical assistance.

IV. Contact Person/s

Chief Administrative Officer/Policy and Plans Division Chief
(072) 687-8000 local 244

Project Development Officer III
(072) 687-8000 local 244

Project Development Officer III
(072) 687-8000 local 244

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