It is a social technology project that enhances the capacities of social workers and/or service providers and intensifies the coordination of Field Offices and Local Government Units to provide the comprehensive package of adequate and efficient services at various levels.

The program also include the implementation of the National Referral Systems (NRS) for the Recovery and Reintegration of trafficked Persons and the National Recovery and Reintegration Database (NRRD) which will be used by the Department and other concerned agencies to provide better services to trafficked persons


  1. Undertake capability-building activities that will enhance the skills of the social workers and other service providers in providing adequate services to trafficked persons;
  2. Mainstream and institutionalize the NRS and the NRRD;
  3. Ensure the delivery of comprehensive recovery and reintegration services for trafficked persons;
  4. Utilize multi-sectoral structures and mechanisms in the delivery of services that will enhance the psychosocial and economic needs of trafficked persons;
  5. Intensify the advocacy campaign against trafficking in persons to increase peoples’ awareness on issues of preventing them from becoming potential victims; and
  6. Upgrade/repair two shelters each in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Services Offered:

  1. Case Management;
  2. Economic assistance;
  3. Repair or maintenance of shelters;
  4. Information and communication technology training;
  5. Fund augmentation for cities/municipalities with programs and services for trafficked persons;
  6. Capability enhancement;
  7. National referral system for the Recovery and Reintegration of trafficked persons;
  8. Development of the directory of resources;
  9. Management of Information and Communication Systems and Data Banking;
  10. Advocacy; and
  11. Project management