I. Program Overview

The Republic Act No. 9418 – “Volunteer Act of 2007 promotes the participation of the Filipino society in public and civic affairs. Likewise, the policy adopts and strengthen the practice of volunteerism as a strategy to attain national development.

Meanwhile, the DSWD Administrative Order No. 01 series of 2007 known as the “Guidelines on the Implementation of the DSWD Volunteers on Disaster Risk Management and Response” aims to develop, promote, and expand the spirit of volunteerism along social welfare and development as well as to enhance individual growth, community involvement and social responsibility.

Factoring the RA No. 9418 and strengthening further the program, the DSWD Administrative Order No. 10 series of 2010 – Omnibus Guidelines on the DSWD National Volunteer Service Program provides enhancements to make it more comprehensive, systematic and responsive.

II. Projects/Services/Activities/Modalities

DSWD Volunteers on Disaster Risk Management and Response

The areas of volunteer work in disaster risk management and response include mitigation activities, preparation activities, disaster response and recovery like repacking and distribution of relief goods to the disaster victims, support to camp management, psychosocial support, etc.

III. Target Beneficiaries

The program is open to all individuals, families, sectoral groups, business or private sector/s, and organizations that are interested and desire to contribute their knowledge and skills, time and resources to the Program.

IV. Eligibility Requirements

The volunteers must meet the following basic criteria:

  1. Must be at last 15 years of age
  2. Must be willing to commit his/her time, resources and or talent and be assigned to a specific work without material or financial remuneration
  3. Must be willing to learn and undergo training on volunteerism and specialized skills, if needed
  4. Must be willing to abide by the policies and procedures of the centers/institutions/community and to be supervised
  5. Must be a character reference
  6. Must be physically and mentally capable to render volunteer work. If warranted, this must be certified by a physician or psychologist
  7. For Foreigners interested to be volunteers, a showing of legality of stay in the Philippines

Likewise, an orientation on the DSWD general policies including policy on safe environment and standards of confidentiality shall be conducted so that the volunteer can see the context of his/her contribution.

V. Documentary Requirements

  • Registration Form
  • Accomplishment Report using Volunteer Accomplishment Report Form

VI. Contact Person/s

Social Welfare Officer IV / OIC-Chief DRMD
(072) 687 8000 loc. 208

Manpower Development Officer I/ Head, RROS
(072) 687 8000 loc. 208