I. Program Overview

Donations Unit oversees and facilitates the management of local and foreign donations for disaster relief operations upon recommendations of the RDRRMC in coordination with the other government offices agencies like the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and Bureau of Customs (BOC).

II. Projects/Services/Activities/Modalities

Local In-Kind Donations

All food and non-food items are accepted except for the following:

  • Food Items expiring less that one (1) year from the date of acceptance
  • Food Items that did not pass necessary sanitary standards
  • Formula Milk
  • Used Clothing
  • Toys that did not pass Food and Drugs Administration standard
  • Educational Materials regulated by Department of Education
  • Furniture and Equipment regulated by Department of National Defense and National Economic and Development Authority
  • Any donations, services or favor from Tobacco Industry

Provision of timely and appropriate support in the form of F/NFIs to augment resources of Local Government Units and families distressed by natural or man-made disasters.

III. Target Beneficiaries

Local Government Units, families, and individual persons affected by disaster.

IV. Eligibility Requirements

  • Poor or deprived individuals or families affected by a disaster
  • Registered or included in the official list of evacuation centers

V. Documentary Requirements

  • Letter of Request
  • Disaster or Incident Report indicating the number of disaster-affected population and the affected areas
  • Masterlist of affected families

VI. Contact Person/s

Social Welfare Officer IV / OIC-Chief DRMD
(072) 687 8000 loc. 208

Manpower Development Officer I/ Head, RROS
(072) 687 8000 loc. 208