RA No.


Republic Act No. 6713, IRR Rules Implementing The Code Of Conduct And Ethical Standards For Public Officials And Employees
Republic Act No. 9258(Approved on March 2, 2004) An Act Professionalizing The Practice Of Guidance And Counseling And Creating For This Purpose A Professional Regulatory Board Of Guidance And Counseling, Appropriating Funds Therefor And For Other Purposes
Republic Act No. 10121(Approved on May 27, 2010) An Act Strengthening The Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction And Management System, Providing For The National Disaster Risk Reduction And Management Framework And Institutionalizing The National Disaster Risk Reduction And Management Plan, Appropriating Funds Therefor And For Other Purposes
Republic Act No. 9994(Approved on February 15, 2010) An Act Granting Additional Benefits AndPrivileges To Senior Citizens, Further Amending Republic Act No. 7432, As Amended, Otherwise Known As “An Act To Maximize The Contribution Of SeniorCitizens ‘1’0 Nation Building, Grant Benefits And Special Privileges And ForOther Purposes
Republic Act No. 10361(Approved on January 18, 2013) An Act Instituting Policies For The Protection And Welfare Of Domestic Workers
Republic Act No. 10364 (Approved on February 6, 2013 ) An Act Expanding Republic Act No. 9208, Entitled “An Act To Institute Policies To Eliminate Trafficking In Persons Especially Women And Children, Establishing The Necessary Institutional Mechanisms For The Protection And Support Of Trafficked Persons, Providing Penalties For Its Violations And For Other Purposes.”
Republic Act No.  10366 (Approved on February 15, 2013) An Act Authorizing The Commission On Elections To Establish Precincts Assigned To Accessible Polling Places Exclusively For Persons With Disabilities And Senior Citizens.
Republic Act No. 10368 (Approved on February 25, 2013) An Act Providing For Reparation And Recognition Of Victims Of Human Rights Violations During The Marcos Regime, Documentation Of Such Violations, Appropriating Funds Therefor And For Other Purposes
Republic Act No. 10389 (Approved on March 14, 2013) An Act Institutionalizing Recognizance As A Mode Of Granting The Release Of An Indigent Person In Custody As An Accused In A Criminal Case And For Other Purposes.
Republic Act No. 10398 (Approved on March 19, 2013) An Act Declaring November Twenty-Five Of Every Year As “National Consciousness Day For The Elimination Of Violence Against Women And Children”
Republic Act No. 10410 (Approved on March 26, 2013) An Act The Age From Zero (0) To Eight (8) Years As The First Crucial Stage Of Educational Development And Strengthening The Early Childhood Care And Development System, Appropriating Funds Therefore And For Other Purposes
Republic Act No. 10524 (Approved on April 23, 2013) An Act Expanding The Positions Reserved For Persons With Disability, Amending For The Purpose Republic Act No. 7277, As Amended Otherwise Known As The Magna Carta For Persons With Disability
Republic Act No.  10533 (Approved on May 15, 2013) An Act Amending The Philippine Basic Education System By Strengthening Its Curriculum And Increasing The Number Of Years For Basic Education, Appropriating Funds Therefor And For Other Purposes.
Republic Act No.  10606 (Approved on June 19, 2013) An Act Amending Republic Act No. 7875, Otherwise Known As The “National Health Insurance Act Of 1995”, As Amended, And For Other Purposes
Republic Act No.  10627(Approved on September 12, 2013) An Act Requiring All Elementary And Secondary Schools To Adopt Policies To Prevent And Address The Acts Of Bullying In Their Institutions.
Republic Act No.  10630 (Approved on October 3, 2013) An act strengthening the juvenile justice system in the Philippines, Amending For The Purpose REPUBLIC ACT NO. 9344, Otherwise Known As The “Juvenile Justice And Welfare Act Of 2006” And Appropriating Funds Therefor.