I. Program Overview

P.D. 1564 OF 1978, also known as the Solicitation Permit Law” mandated   the   Department   of   Social Welfare   and    Development (DSWD) to issue solicitation permit to any person, corporation, organization, or association desiring to solicit or receive contributions for charitable or public welfare purposes at the DSWD Regional Offices.  On the other hand, the Executive Order (EO) No. 24 series of 2001 “Delegating to the DSWD the authority to grant Authorization for the Conduct of National Fundraising Campaigns” directed the DSWD Secretary the final authority to approve or disapprove requests for the conduct of national fund raising campaigns.

This to ensure compliance to rules and regulations by persons, corporations, organizations or associations that were issued solicitation permit / authority to conduct fund raising campaign. Likewise, to ensure an efficient facilitation of funds solicited from the public, and to provide / implement penalties or sanctions to those who violated the policies and procedures of these guidelines.

II. Projects/Services/Activities/Modalities

Below is the process in issuance of permit

Government AgenciesApplication of Government agency’s regional offices shall be filed at the concerned DSWD Field Office (FO) and authority to solicit shall be signed by the concerned DSWD Regional Director or hi/her authorized representative.
For Non-Government Organizations / Agencies and Individuals1. All applications for public solicitation shall be reviewed and assessed by the concerned DSWD FO. All applications that cover more than one region shall be endorsed to the Standard Bureau for evaluation of such application before approval of the DSWD Secretary or his/her authorized representative; and
2. National authority to conduct solicitation shall be issued by the DSWD Secretary or his/her authorized representative while regional authority to conduct the same shall be issued by the concerned DSWD FO or his/her authorized representative.  
For both Government Agencies, Non-Government Organizations/ Agencies and Individuals1. The authority to solicit is non-transferable and specifies the period/duration of solicitation, methodology to be used and the area covered;
2. In case of loss of the issued authority / permit, the person, corporation, organization or association to whom the permit was issued shall immediately submit a written report and affidavit of loss to the concerned DSWD Office where the application was filed; and
3. All solicitation/fundraising paraphernalia e.g coin bank, poster, tickets etc. shall bear the following:
a. Name of the person, corporation, organization or association to whom the permit issued;
b. DSWD authority number;
c. Coverage of the permit issued; and
d. Dates of permit issued and expiration date.

III. Target Applicants/Beneficiaries

Organizations or Individuals intending to conduct public solicitation for charitable purposes.

Eligibility Requirements

For Government Agencies

  1. Duly accomplished application form
  2. Certified list of agency/units/employees or partner agencies who will be directly involved in the conduct of fund raising activities
  3. Project Proposal
  4. Work and Financial Plan
  5. Acknowledgement, written agreement of any similar document signifying the intended beneficiary/ies concurrence as recipient of the fund raising activities duly notarized

For Non-Government Organizations, Associations and Individuals

  1. Duly accomplished application form;
  2. Certification of status of operation of the person, corporation, organization or association and updated certification from SEC;
  3. Copy of registration, license or accreditation certificate issued byDSWD or certification/endorsement from Local Social Welfare and Development Office;
  4. List and profile of current governing board members or its equivalent; and
  5. Approved and notarized board resolution (for organization) or pledge of commitment (for individual) to conduct a fund raising campaign.

For individuals

  1. Duly accomplished Application Form
  2. Copy of the valid registration and license certificate of the endorsing registered and licensed SWDA
  3. Applicant’s Social Case Study Report
  4. Medical Certificate/Abstract and estimated Medical Cost/Expenses
  5. Work and Financial Plan
  6. Endorsement letter from DSWD registered and licensed SWDA or the Crisis Intervention Unit of the DSWD or LGU
  7. Pledge of Commitment to conduct fund raising campaign

Public Solicitation during Calamity

  1. Duly accomplished Application Form
  2. Project Proposal
  3. Simplified Undertaking

IV. Contact Person/s

Chief Administrative Officer/Policy and Plans Division Chief
(072) 687-8000 local 244

Project Development Officer III
(072) 687-8000 local 244

Project Development Officer III
(072) 687-8000 local 244

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