I. Program Overview

Family Code of the Philippines gives emphasis on the importance of the family and marriage. Thus, it recognizes the crucial role of marriage counselor in enabling would-be-married couple/s to be ready in assuming their respective roles as couple and future parents to their children. By virtue of the Executive Order No. 221 series of 2003 “Redirecting the Functiond and Operations of DSWD”, the Department developed and issued policies, manual and guidelines covering the accreditation of Pre-Marriage Counselors (PMCs). This to promote the professional practice of marriage counselors as experts in assisting couples to decide on positive options in their marital relationships based on informed decision to achieve a stable and functional family relationship.

II. Projects/Services/Activities/Modalities

The Accredition Process

  1. The Applicant shall submit the application form and the documentary requirements to the concerned Field Offices.  
  2. Pre-validation
    Upon receipt of application and required documents, the DSWD Field Office shall act in the application within five (5) working days:
    • Review the veracity of the submitted documents; and
    • Coordinate and acknowledge the application.
  3. Validation Proper
    Upon confirmation of the applicants on their availability, the accreditation schedule shall be finalized. The DSWD Field Staff/Accreditor shall conduct the assessment of the applicant within a minimum period of half-day to one (1) whole day.
  4. Post Validation
    After the on-site accreditation assessment, the concerned DSWD Field Office Staff shall:
    • Prepare a confirmation report on the assessment results of the PMC within seven (7) working days after the conduct of the assessment visit; and
    • It the result of assessment is favourable, the preparation and approval of the accreditation certificate shall be facilitated within five (5) working days.

III. Target Beneficiaries

Trained Social Workers and other professionals providing marriage counseling services.

IV. Eligibility Requirements


  1. Must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work or other behavioral and social science courses or have at least finished a two (2) year diploma course on midwifery or other allied courses;
  2. Must have been conducting Pre-Marriage Counseling for the two (2) years as member of the Municipality/City PMC team;
  3. Must have attended at least twenty-four (24) hours of training on Marriage Counseling Service conducted by the DSWD or its recognized training institutions; and
  4. Must be able to demonstrate knowledge and skills in conducting marriage counseling such as but not limited to teaching, interviewing, facilitating, documenting, and networking / coordinating.


  1. Accomplished Application Form;
  2. Certificate of graduation/college diploma or transcript of records from last school attended;
  3. Certificate of attendance from PMC orientation program;
  4. Certificate from immediate supervisor that the applicant is tasked to conduct PMC sessions; and
  5. Summary documentation of PMC session/s conducted by the applicant in the past six (6) months period should be made available.

V. Contact Person/s

Chief Administrative Officer/Policy and Plans Division Chief
(072) 687-8000 local 244

Project Development Officer III
(072) 687-8000 local 244

Project Development Officer III
(072) 687-8000 local 244

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