Marie Angela S. Gopalan, CESO III
Regional Director
(072) 687-8000 Local 225

Marlene Febes D. Peralta, Director III
Assistant Regional Director for Operations
(072) 687-8000 Local 203

Anniely J. Ferrer, Social Welfare Officer V
OIC-Assistant Regional Director for Administration and
Concurrent Chief, Administrative Division
(072) 687-8000 Local 202

Helen O. Nerona, Social Welfare Officer V
Chief, Statutory Programs Division
(072) 687-8000 Local 219

Clarivel C. Banzuela, Social Welfare Officer V
Chief, Human Resource Management and Development Division
(072) 687-8000 Local 216

Melecio C. Ubilas Jr., Chief Administrative Officer
Chief, Policy & Plans Division
(072) 687-8000 Local 244

Crisanto B. Mortera, Supervising Administrative Officer
OIC-Chief, Finance and Management Division
(072) 687-8000 Local 251

Virginia P. Sesay, Social Welfare Officer IV
OIC-Chief, Specialized Programs Division
(072) 687-8000 Local 232

Maricel S. Caleja, Social Welfare Officer IV
OIC-Chief, Disaster Response Management Division
(072) 687-8000 Local 208