I. Program Overview

Foster Care refers to the provision of planned temporary substitute parental care to a child by a foster parent. It is an important step towards the child’s return and reintegration to his/her biological parents or placement with an adoptive family.

II. Target Beneficiaries

  • Children Eligible for Foster Care
    Children 0 to below 18 years of age who are under any of the following circumstances:
    1. A child who is abandoned, surrendered, neglected, dependent, or orphaned;
    2. A child who is a victim of sexual, physical, or any other form of abuse or exploitation;
    3. A child with special needs;
    4. A child whose family members are temporarily or permanently unable or unwilling to provide the child with adequate care;
    5. A child awaiting adoptive placement and who would have to be prepared for a family;
    6. A child who needs long-term care and close family ties but who cannot be placed for domestic adoption;
    7. A child whose adoption has been disrupted; and
    8. A child who is under socially difficult circumstances such as, but not limited to, a street child, a child in armed conflict or a victim of child labor or trafficking.
  • Families/Individuals Eligible to Foster a Child
    A Foster Parent/s is/are a person/s duly licensed by the DSWD to provide foster care. (R.A. 10165)
    1. At least 16 years older than the child unless the foster parent is a relative;
    2. A person of legal age, may either be married, widowed, separated or single;
    3. Must demonstrate financial and emotional stability and must have sufficient resources to be able to provide for the family needs;
    4. Foster parent’s family should be in good health, emotionally stable and physically fit;
    5. Have a genuine interest in parenting a non-related child;
    6. Should be willing to help the child reunite with his birth family or move into an adoptive family when time comes; and
    7. Must be of good moral character.
      For alien Applicants:
      • Should possess the above qualifications;
      • Resided in the Philippines for at least 12 continuous months
      • Maintain residence until termination of placement by the DSWD or expiration of the foster care license.

III. Documentary Requirements

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Medical Certificate
  3. Income Tax Return or Certificate of Employment
  4. NBI Clearance or Police Clearance
  5. Barangay Certificate stating that the applicant is a resident of the barangay, length of his/her/their residence, and that he/she/they is/are of good moral character
  6. Recent photo and when applicable, his/her family
  7. Such other document that the DSWD or LGU may require

IV. Contact Person/s

Social Welfare Officer V / Chief, Statutory Programs Division Chief
(072) 687-8000 Loc. 219
Telefax: (072) 888-2505

Social Welfare Officer IV/Community Based Services Section Head
(072) 687-8000 Loc. 212
Telefax: (072) 888-2505

V. Links

Republic Act 10165 or the Foster Care Act of 2012

Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of Republic Act 10165 or the Foster Care Act of 2012

Memorandum Circular No. 21 series of 2018 or the Omnibus Guidelines on Foster Care Service