As a result of the continuous graduation and exit of 4Ps beneficiaries and to cover the 4.4M annual physical target, the 4Ps National Program Management Office (NPMO) identified 56,750 poor households (Pangasinan – 48,728; Ilocos Sur – 4,031; Ilocos Norte – 3,230; and La Union – 761) in Region 1 from the Listahanan 3 Database as new set of potential 4Ps beneficiaries. These poor households with children below 18 years old or with a pregnant member at the time of assessment were identified based on the Department of Social Welfare and Development’s standardized targeting system (STS) as stipulated in the Republic Act No. 11310 or 4Ps Act. Names of those potential 4Ps beneficiaries were posted in conspicuous places in their locality.

During the Community Assembly, these potential 4Ps beneficiaries undergo a thorough process to ensure their eligibility to be included in the Program. Required documents such as Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, and Certificate of Enrollment should be presented by the potential beneficiaries to appropriately assess their Program qualification.  With the help of the Local Government Units, simultaneous Community Assemblies throughout the region is scheduled until 24 February 2023.

All gathered information of the validated potential beneficiaries shall be encoded in the Pantawid Pamilya Information System (PPIS) for approval of the Regional Director. Generated approved list of potential beneficiaries from the PPIS shall be endorsed to the Local Government Units for confirmation. Only the confirmed list of potential beneficiaries shall be eligible for initial payment. (by: Jaesem Ryan A. Gaces / 4Ps Information Officer)