gassdThe General Administrative Support Services Division (GASSD) aims to sustain productivity among staff, thereby a conducive working area was aimed both in the field office and centers and institutions.

GASSD Chief Benjamin F. Baldo hopes that physical enhancements of the office shall lead to the better performance of all the staff and to maximize more their contribution in tasks assigned to them.

According to him, during the last quarter of the year, GASSD implemented infrastructure projects to improve all facilities for better service delivery to all clients.

Several repairs and renovations were done in the field office such as the revision of ceiling, repainting, installation of wooden shelves and cabinets and relocation of panel door at the Office of the Resident Auditor, installation and revision of overhead water tank and steel support, repair and renovation of conference room ceiling and repainting of walls and door, construction of generator set housing and pad, and garden trilles, replacement of wood panel door to frameless glass door, repainting, retiling, and rewiring at the GASSD Chief Office, renovation and repainting of the Procurement Unit, Bids and Awards (BAC) Office and drivers’ lounge, and facilitation of steel gate transfer and staging room of Property Asset Management Section (PAMS).

Meanwhile, complete working drawings, material estimates and structural analysis are already turned over to the Sta. Barbara Evacuation Center. Fund transfer was also facilitated.

For Centers and Institutions: canteen of the Area 1 Vocational Rehabilitation Center (AVRC) was already renovated, and revised for better accessibility and comfort of the Persons with Disabilities (PWD) trainees.

The whole building, walls and ceilings of the Haven for Children (HFC) were also repainted.

The laundry area’s flooring of the Haven for Women (HFW) was repaired and retiled, while the first phase of the construction of additional toilets and bathroom was implemented at the Home for Girls (HFG).

 Furthermore, Regional Rehabilitation Center for Youth’s (RRCY) comfort rooms of the clients were also renovated and steel windows and grills were repaired and fabricated. (by Jaesem Ryan A. Gaces, Administrative Assistant V, Listahanan/NHTS-PR)