During Open Forum, Mr. Pedro J. Corpuz, CSO of the Department of Agriculture, asks about the representation of CSO in BUB projects.
During Open Forum, Mr. Pedro J. Corpuz, CSO of the Department of Agriculture, asks about the representation of CSO in BUB projects.

In the recently held Social Welfare and Development (SWD) Forum, DSWD shared its role of ensuring the quality social protection services to its counterparts and partners.

“Standards in SWD are continuously developing with the ultimate goal of empowering the beneficiaries; one way of disseminating it is to provide clarifications and updates with concerned partners and stakeholders in a forum,” said Regional Director Marcelo Nicomedes J. Castillo during the event held in  Hotel Ariana, Bauang, La Union.

Lifted from the Little Prince, Dir. Castillo shared the quotation, “a pile of rocks ceases to be a rock when somebody contemplates it with the idea of a cathedral in mind” which means that when little things are brought together, immense services shall be extended to our beneficiaries.

As discussed in the forum, the registration, licensing, and accreditation of the commonly termed Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) or technically termed Social Welfare and Development Agencies (SWDAs) are among the regulatory functions of DSWD.

This standards regulation will also protect the beneficiaries from malpractice, abuse, and exploitation, and shall promote transparency, and enhance grievance mechanisms, as emphasized by Standards Unit Head Leah Mylen L. Lucero.

Registration applies to all auxiliary SWDAs such as people’s organizations engaged in SWD and resource agencies that provide tangibles and intangibles, while those providing direct services to their beneficiaries must both be registered and licensed.

Accreditation covers all licensed SWDAs providing direct services including DSWD, local government units, and other national government agencies implementing social welfare and development programs. Certification issued by DSWD is valid for 3 years only.

Moreover, the accreditation of CSOs to assess their capacity and legality to implement programs or projects using government or public funds was elaborated by Project Development Officer III Darwin Chan.

Also, public solicitation activities conducted in more than 1 locality are under the ambit of DSWD. This is applicable to persons, corporations, organizations or associations desiring to solicit or receive contributions for charitable or public welfare purposes.  As reminded by Project Development Officer III Naressa Garvida, the proceeds shall be disbursed accordingly, giving priority to the proposed project covering 80%, while limiting the administrative expenses to only 20% .(by: Iryn D. Cubangbang, Information Officer II)