The nBUB Proj in Mapandan (3)etworking and partnership of public and private offices had never been so strong in Mapandan, Pangasinan until the coming of the Bottom Up Budgeting strategy of the government that realized a high-class Day Care Center.

“With this newly built Day Care Center, no more Day Care children are merged with formal classes, under the mango tree, or not attending Day Care class at all,” said Barangay Captain Minerva Acidera of Apayya, Mapandan, Pangasinan.

Accordingly, in the past few years, there had been attempts to request funds for a Day Care Center but to no avail.

BUB promotes ‘corporate social responsibility’

Continuous monitoring and technical assistance of BUB staff led by Regional Focal Person Virginia Sesay and Municipal Focal Engr. Angelo Abroga resulted to 5 barangays that released as big as 50% counterpart for the completion of 5 Day Care Centers.

These dialogues with municipal and barangay officials led to the counterpart of at least Php 2.5 million which greatly helped in the establishment of 5 Day Care Centers instead of just 3 which the funds is limited to.

In Apayya, Mapandan, Brgy. Capt. Acidera and her officials gave Php 120,000.00 for the ceiling and tiles of the Day Care Center.

CSOs, Pantawid Parent Leaders ‘into’ BUB

Three civil society organizations (CSOs) had their share in the implementation as monitoring group.

“With BUB, all are benefited, happy and contented with the output of concerted efforts,” said Ms. Dina Natnat, General Manager of the Golden Credit Corporation.

“Transparent and well-monitored projects are encouraged in the BUB,” said Senior Citizens Association President Edilberto Garcia.

Pantawid Pamilya Parent Leader Elizabeth Aquino revealed that the BUB project encouraged ‘bayanihan spirit’ and helped the beneficiaries divert their vices into more productive activities.

Thanks to BUB

Day Care parent Lorraine Marquez expressed her appreciation to the good result of the BUB project in their barangay. According to Ms. Marquez, their children are happy and comfortable in their learning sessions.

Volunteer Day Care worker Roselyn Zamora shared the extraordinary efforts of the barangay officials and the workers of the BUB project that led to the beautiful and conducive center. Since Ms. Zamora is a volunteer for 6 months, Municipal Social Welfare and Development Officer Leonora Dominguez worked out for her regular salary from the municipal government by January 2016. (by: Iryn D. Cubangbang, Information Officer)