In Rosario, La Union, 979 Day Care children deviate from the usual junk foods sold near their school because of Supplementary Feeding Program’s (SFP) hot meal served during regular school.

“Aside from nutritious food the SFP encourages children to eat vegetables during the 120-day feeding, thus, making these delicious over time,” said Day Care Parent Gemma Cudiamat, 26, from Camp 1, Rosario, La Union.

Moreover, the Day Care Service Parents Group (DCSPG) and the Day Care Workers’ collaborative efforts promoted flexibility and adaptability on the policies of the SFP.

Day Care parents’ involvement in the Program also promotes discipline and cooperation, Day Care Parent Emy Leano said. Cleaning the feeding area and bringing farm produce are among the responsibilities mentioned.

In an interview, Community Development Assistant Cherry Sapitula mentioned that parents also bring additional rice to augment the minimal budget allocated for each child ( Php 13.00 a day).

Day Care Workers and DCSPG unified

Unity among the Day Care Workers was fostered. Direct instructions were followed from Municipal Social Welfare and Development Officer (MSWDO) Grenaflor Magsakay.

The direct instructions and regular meetings monitoring implementation promoted unity and camaraderie among workers; this cultivated their increased support to the plight of malnourished children.

Every Friday, the Day Care Workers get the cash advance intended for food stuff from the MSWDO while receipts and photos that prove the feeding activities for the week are submitted. Accordingly, these ensure transparency and accountabillity of the Program.

As mentioned earlier, their direct supervision on feeding and their involvement on purchase of needed materials deepened their concern over the needs of the Day Care children.

At Poblacion East Day Care Center, Day Care Worker Domingo Pasag handles the preparation of the hot meal. Even if the feeding is an additional job for him, the love for his work and the children is enough motivation to actively participate in the Program.

SFP causes minimal savings for the mothers

Even if the feeding encourages them to donate farm products, according to the mothers, they are still able to save something for the family’s daily needs because the Day Care children’s allowance is already substituted by the everyday feeding. (by: Iryn D. Cubangbang, Information Officer II)