Barangay Tio-angan, the farthest barangay of Bagulin, La Union is one of the least visited areas for development because of the difficult terrain (4 hour-walk or 2 hour-solo motor-ride). But with DSWD’s Grassroots Participatory Budgeting (GPB) previously known as Bottom Up Budgeting (BUB), another government’s assistance is along the way. This is the construction of the fifth (5th) building in the barangay government center, which is the Senior Citizens Center, now on–going construction.

The Senior Citizens Building was identified as among the priority development projects in the area for the conduct of public or social activities particularly for the senior citizens who are given high regard in this barangay.

According to Barangay Captain Lacson Wallac who also monitors the establishment of the Senior Citizens Center, it could also serve as Evacuation Center since it is located on a hilly area not prone to land slide or flooding from rivers that might overflow.

Learning on GPB

BSPMC (Barangay Sub-Project Management Committee) President Alenso Talban said that part of his learning is to mobilize the community volunteers and explain the goals of government projects such as Senior Citizens’ Center.

Nasursuro mi nu kasano iti panagurnos iti tattao para iti panagtrabaho iti proyekto ken iti panangipasagepsep kadagiti pangep iti gobierno para iti panangted iti proyekto, Talban said (We were taught how to encourage volunteers to work and increase their awareness on government’s goals).

On project implementation, Mr. Alenso regularly conducts meetings with concerned committees on the needed materials vis-a-vis the purchased and used materials for monitoring and transparency.

Motivated with the thought that more significant and helpful projects will be given by the government, if proper actions are employed, the group of Mr. Alenso is giving its best in the implementation of the Senior Citizens’ Project in Tio-angan.

Sapay ta an anusannakami nga alalayan iti gobierno tapnu maingato mi met iti barangaymi ta makalevel kami met kadagiti narang-ay a barangay. (May our government officials have more patience in leading us to elevate the status of our barangay so that we will be at par with other developing barangays.) (by: Iryn D. Cubangbang, DSWD-Information Officer II)