Otherwise known as Grassroots Participatory Budgeting Process (GPBP), this Bottom-Up Budgeting (BUB) was introduced in Region 1 and has claimed approval among the community folks, LGU counterparts and government agencies to include DSWD with its goal of inclusive development among poor communities.

 From the project name alone, people from community were involved in several processes which led to identification of community projects funded by the Government of the Philippines (GOP).

For CY 2013, Php 11.7 million worth of funded community projects were assisted by DSWD following the scheme of BUB in La Union particularly in Aringay, Bagulin, Bangar, Caba, Luna, Rosario, Tubao, and San Fernando City.

 To ensure completion of projects, Convergence Strategy and Community Driven Development Projects Regional Coordinator Virginia P. Sesay reiterated during check distribution in Bagulin, La Union  that funds come in tranches (50-40-10%), with at least 70% liquidation, downloading of succeeding funds come after.

 With BUB, DSWD Regional Director Marcelo Nicomdes J. Castillo believes that good governance and   empowered voices of communities are cultivated among those who took part in the social preparation activities.

 Farthest Barangay in Bagulin, La Union reached

 It takes a 5-hour walk and 5 times crossing of a river to reach barangay Tio-angan. Even this far, this community will soon establish a Senior Citizen’s Center as its identified BUB  project. This, according to Alenso Talban,  is giving prime to the contribution of elderly in local governance and recognizing their efforts in maintaining peace and security among families and communities.

 Also, a Training Center and a Day Care Center will be established in barangay Suyo and Wallayan, respectively under the BUB.

 It can be noted that Bagulin has no existing training facility yet, of which with the BUB project, more trainings will be conducted by private and public institutions, thus, increasing job placement among out-of-school youth and women, Ernesto Estira, a BUB committee member said.

 For the 3 projects funded, LGU-Bagulin gave Php 300,000.00 as cash counterpart.

 Co-Ownership of Community Projects

 In  Tio-angan, the Senior Citizens Center of BUB will  also serve as an evacuation center and eventually a multi-purpose center since the barangay has limited facilities that will cater to its social activities.

 The value for government projects is felt among the community folks.  “Daytoy a proyekto mangted iti challenge kadagiti ub-ubbing a saluadan da  dagitoy kastoy a tulong tapno addan to manen dumateng a tulong manipud iti gobierno (This project serves as a challenge among the young to also preserve and give importance so that government help will again  be given  in the community)”.

 No more wandering VAWC victims in Rosario, La Union

 Immediate shelter and protection of women and children who are victims of abuse is the main goal of the BUB project in this town with the establishment of a VAWC Center. The town of Rosario has assisted at least 24 VAWC (violence against women and their children) cases in 2012 where the victims were temporarily sheltered among their relatives and/ or barangay officials.

 More importantly, a local cash counterpart of Php 300,000.00 is added to the BUB funds of the same amount. As mentioned by Local Head Social Worker Grenaflor Magsakay, the LGU will again provide an additional                     Php 300,000 to complete the needed furnishing of the VAWC Center. (by: Iryn D. Cubangbang, Regl. Information Officer)