The Supplemental Feeding Program (SFP) is an immediate intervention to address hunger among families through their children in Grade 1, pre-schools and day care centers. It is a form of food subsidy for young learners who belong to poor families. It provides a daily ration of one (1) kilo rice for a limited period of time. As long as the child goes to school or day care center every day, the family is assured of rice on its table, every day, which will eventually contribute to the improvement of their nutritional status.

Objectives of the Program

The program aims to:

  • Mitigate hunger of poor families
  • Improve school attendance of their children

Mechanics of Implementation

A. Pre-Implementation

  • Selection Criteria
  • Selection of Areas
  • Priority Areas
  • Priority School and Day Care Centers
  • Target Beneficiaries
  • Duration
  • Orientation of Program Implementers
  • Organization of the Community and Parents

B. Implementation

  • Nutrition Assessment of Beneficiaries
  • Commodity Support
  • Storage and Control System of Commodities
  • Reporting of Loss/Theft
  • Reporting of Damage and/or, Insufficient number of packs or Underweight Stocks
  • Delivery/Receipt/Distribution of Rice
  • Attendance of Pupils
  • Complementary Activities for Sustainability
  • Management and Institutional Arrangements
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Agencies Involved in the Program

A. National Level

  • National Nutrition Council
  • Department of Education
  • Department of Social Welfare and Development
  • National Food Authority
  • Department of Interior and Local Government

B. Regional Level

  • NNC regional office
  • DepEd and DSWD regional offices
  • NFA

C. Provincial Level

  • Social Welfare and Development Office
  • DepED – Division
  • NFA
  • Provincial Nutrition Action Officer
  • DILG

D. City/Municipal Level

  • School District/C/MSWDO
  • Municipal Nutrition Action Officer
  • DILG

E. Barangay Level

  • School Head/Day Care Worker
  • Barangay Nutrition Committee/Barangay Nutrition Council

 Contact Person/s:

Name: HELEN O. NERONA (Head, Protective Services Unit)
Designation: Social Welfare Officer IV
Tel/Fax: (072) 888-2184
Direct Line: (072) 700-1410 / 700-5064


Designation: Nutritionist / Dietician III
Tel/Fax: (072) 888-2184
Direct Line: (072) 700-5064