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Living a better quality of life with DSWD-SLP

From a Barangay Sanitary Inspector receiving a PhP500.00 monthly honorarium, Romela de Vera is now earning an additional PhP2,000.00 to PhP3,000.00 monthly  from her sari-sari store through the provision of PhP10,000.00 start-up capital from the Sustainable Livelihood Program (SLP) of the Department of Social Welfare and Development Field Office 1.

Romela was among the 113 SLP participants in Brgy. Subusub, Rosario, La Union who underwent Skills Training on Hairdressing in 2015 but she shifted to sari-sari store management after seeing a viable business opportunity on the said enterprise. Her house is located in a congested area where the next nearest sari-sari store is about 180 meters away.

Due to the high demand, she expanded her business to general merchandise selling ready-to-wear clothes, slippers, bags, and purified drinking water. She also sells burgers and street foods earning an additional average monthly income of PhP2,000.00. Her combined income from retailing and snack vending greatly contributes to her husband’s average monthly income of PhP5,000.00 from personal driving which is utilized for the family’s daily needs and schooling of their five children. Most of the family’s savings were utilized for house expansion and acquisition of home appliances.

Talaga nga dakkel ti tulong ti SLP ta limmag-an ti panagbiagmi uray kaskasano. Saan kami nga agproblema ti gastosenmi ti inaldaw ken ti panagbasa dagiti ubbing ta adda daytoy a livelihood (SLP is truly a big help, we are somehow living in a more comfortable life now. We no longer worry about our needs because we have this profitable livelihood),” said Romela. She is now planning to expand her enterprise by adding rice to her range of merchandise.

On the other hand, 83 program participants from various barangays in Rosario, La Union underwent Skills Training on general merchandise/sari-sari store management in 2015. (by: Janine Joy B. Altero, Social Marketing Officer, Sustainable Livelihood Program)

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DSWD FO 1 extends disaster duties in Ilocos Sur

Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Field Office 1 continues to render disaster duties in Ilocos Sur one week after the onslaught of Typhoon Ompong.

Ma. Bernadette B. Arcangel, Social Welfare and Development Team Leader for Ilocos Sur, reported that requests for augmentation from affected towns are still pouring.

“We are still forwarding requests to the Regional Office so our team is continuously busy with the relief operations,” says Arcangel.

When Typhoon Ompong hit Ilocos Sur last weekend, thirty (30) employees from different units of DSWD FO 1 immediately responded to the call for disaster duties and were stationed at the Provincial Operations Office in Vigan City where they monitored requests for relief supplies and coordinated the consequent release to affected municipalities.

DSWD FO 1 staff helps in the distribution of family, hygiene, and sleeping kits to an evacuee at Mindoro Elementary School in Vigan City, Ilocos Sur (upper photo); release of relief supplies at the satellite warehouse in Ayusan Norte, Vigan City. (lower photo).

“Mahirap iwanan ang iyong pamilya kasi nag-aalala ka sa kanilang kaligtasan pero dahil nasa ahensya tayo na dapat nauunang nagbibigay ng tulong, mahirap maging makasarili o sarili lang ang iniisip sa mga panahong ganito. (It’s hard to leave your family because you are worried about their safety but since we are a welfare agency that is at the helm of public service, we can not be selfish at times like this),” says Beberly A. Agam, Administrative Aide VI of the Disaster Response and Management Division, one of the employees who helped in the relief operations.

The Field Office also helped in the distribution of relief supplies to affected families and individuals temporarily housed in evacuation centers throughout Ilocos Sur.

In the first 72 hours of Typhoon Ompong in the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR), the team provided food and non-food items amounting to almost 5 million pesos to nine (9) municipalities. (by Ruperto A. Sabalo, Jr., Social Marketing Officer, Kalahi-CIDSS)

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DSWD FO 1 assesses houses damaged by TY Ompong

DSWD FO 1 staff joins the rapid damage assessment and needs analysis after the onslaught of Typhoon Ompong.

Department of Social Welfare and Development Field Office 1 (DSWD FO 1) continuously conducts assessment to partially- and totally-damaged houses after the onslaught of Typhoon Ompong. As of 25 September 2018, 16,808 partially- and 800 totally-damaged houses were reported throughout the region.

SWO II Greta Mae Lazo who was part of the team that conducted rapid damage assessment and needs analysis (RDANA) in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte said that local government units (LGUs) should finalize the list of damaged houses to accelerate the provision of cash assistance.

Thus, the Field Office is currently prioritizing the assessment of damaged houses to immediately rebuild the houses of the typhoon victims. Damaged houses that were assessed will be included under the Department’s Emergency Shelter Assistance (ESA) program wherein households with partially-damaged houses receive PhP10,000.00 while those with totally-damaged houses are granted PhP30,000.00 cash assistance. Ms. Lazo also assured their intensified monitoring on the use of ESA to ensure proper fund utilization.

Meanwhile, LGU San Juan in La Union already submitted a project proposal for ESA augmentation in the municipality. They will be granting PhP5,000.00 to 28 households with totally-damaged houses while 483 individuals with partially-damaged houses will be receiving PhP2,000.00. (by: Darwin T. Chan, Social Marketing Unit)

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DSWD FO 1 releases 48,072 family food packs to TY Ompong victims

A girl happily goes home after receiving a family food pack from DSWD.

As of 24 September 2018, DSWD Field Office 1 (FO 1) has augmented 48,072 family food packs (FFPs) amounting to PhP17,305,920.00 to the victims of Typhoon Ompong in Region 1. Further, 3,414 hygiene kits, 6,967 family kits, and 6,725 sleeping kits worth PhP27,223,347.25 were distributed to various cities and municipalities.

FFPs are composed of six (6) kilos of rice, four (4) cans of sardines, four (4) cans of corned beef, and six (6) sachets of coffee while hygiene kits are comprised of five (5) pieces assorted toothbrush, 500mL toothpaste, 1,250mL shampoo, 1,250g bath soap, four (4) rolls of tissue, eight (8) sanitary napkins, two (2) combs, one (1) disposable shaving razor, and one (1) nail cutter. Family kits include five (5) bath towels, 15 undergarments, 10 pairs of shirts and shorts, and five (5) pairs of slippers while sleeping kits contain two (2) blankets, one (1) plastic mat, one (1) mosquito net, and one (1) malong.

DSWD FO 1 maintains sufficient stockpiles of these food and non-food items prepositioned at the regional and satellite warehouses throughout the Region. The Department has a temporary regional warehouse located at Brgy. Biday, City of San Fernando, La Union. Seven satellite warehouses are located in the Province of Pangasinan, three in Ilocos Norte, and one in Ilocos Sur to ensure that immediate relief augmentation is provided to local government units (LGUs).

DSWD FO 1 Director Marcelo Nicomedes J. Castillo underscored the importance of satellite warehouses to promptly respond to the needs of individuals affected by a calamity. Director Castillo also highlighted that relief supplies about to expire are optimized through food-for-work activities. (by: Darwin T. Chan, Social Marketing Unit)

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DSWD FO 1 prioritizes persons with special concerns during disaster response

Ramon Puzon, a stroke victim, smiles when he receives DSWD family food packs and sleeping kit.

The DSWD Field Office 1 (FO 1), in coordination with local government units (LGUs), simultaneously conducts relief augmentation and distribution to Typhoon Ompong victims throughout the four provinces of Region 1. High priority is given by the Department to persons with disabilities (PWDs), pregnant women, older persons, and other persons with special concerns during disaster response, conduct of early recovery operations as well as when preparing calamity resiliency plans.

In Calasiao, Pangasinan, Mayor Joseph Arman C. Bauzon shared that PWDs, older persons, and pregnant women should be prioritized during relief distribution to ensure their special needs and welfare. Mayor Bauzon disclosed that the LGU always observes the provision of special mechanisms to these individuals to preserve their access to equal opportunities.

Lala Badayos, 22-year-old evacuee who gave birth to a baby boy during the height of Typhoon Ompong, narrated that the barangay council of Brgy. Lumbang, Calasiao provided her sufficient space during her stay at the barangay hall. “Kung may miting ang Barangay Council, sila ang nag-aadjust, sa labas ng barangay hall na sila nagmimiting (The Barangay Council adjusts during its meetings, they conduct it outside the barangay hall),” Lala said. During the relief distribution, Lala received a DSWD family food pack (FFP) and underwent a counseling session by SWO II Juliet Sicat, SWAD Team Leader – Central Pangasinan.

Meanwhile, DSWD FO 1 and LGU Calasiao conducted a rapid damage assessment and needs analysis (RDANA) in Brgy. Dinalaoan to determine the type and extent of damages brought about by Typhoon Ompong. It was ascertained that a 71-year-old stroke victim Ramon Puzon who lives in a shanty was heavily affected by the typhoon. FFPs and sleeping kit were immediately provided. He was assessed for possible provision of Emergency Shelter Assistance (ESA).

Further, PWDs from various barangays received food and non-food items at the Regional Evacuation Center in Calasiao. David Bulario, President of Federation of PWDs in Region 1, commended the government, DSWD in particular, for giving full attention and protection to their needs during calamities.

Calasiao Municipal Social Welfare and Development Officer (MSWDO) Editha Gorospe assured that equitable access to social services is provided to victims regardless of physical features or affiliation. The LGU gives prime support to PWDs in compliance with RA 7277 or “Magna Carta for Disabled Persons” which states that PWDs have the same rights as other people to take their proper place in society. (by: Darwin T. Chan, PDO III)

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DSWD FO 1 to augment PhP20M Cash-for-Work for typhoon victims in Ilocos Norte

Photo by: Ms. Maricel Caleja
DSWD Field Office 1 Director Marcelo Nicomedes J. Castillo (in yellow shirt) together with DRMD OIC – Chief Maricel Caleja (leftmost) attend an early recovery and rehabilitation plan meeting spearheaded by Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos (rightmost).

Department of Social Welfare and Development Field Office 1 (DSWD FO 1) will provide PhP20 million cash-for-work (CFW) project to high risk and vulnerable individuals affected by Typhoon Ompong as part of the early recovery and rehabilitation plan of the Province of Ilocos Norte.

During the meeting on 18 September 2018 with Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos, together with other government offices, one of the urgent actions of the Province is to conduct CFW to generate temporary employment and provide income augmentation to affected families and individuals.

Disaster Response Management Division (DRMD) OIC – Chief Maricel S. Caleja shared that the CFW, in relation with DSWD’s Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation (CCAM) projects, is a 10-day undertaking wherein recipients will receive 75% of the prevailing daily wage rate set by the National Wages and Productivity Commission. In the case of Region 1, the minimum regional wage rate is PhP280.00, thus, the individuals who will be participating in the temporary work such as rehabilitation of denuded watershed areas, establishment of green walls, and establishment and maintenance of mangrove plantation site will receive PhP210.00 daily.

The Provincial Government also prioritizes the housing reconstruction and rehabilitation of calamity stricken families. To expedite the implementation of the housing program, the DSWD FO 1 requested a validated list of damaged houses to be included under the Department’s Emergency Shelter Assistance (ESA). Under ESA, households with partially- and totally-damaged houses will receive PhP10,000.00 and PhP30,000.00 cash assistance, respectively. (by: Darwin T. Chan, PDO III)

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Typhoon Ompong victims receive relief supplies

(Photo by: DSWD SWAD Team – Eastern Pangasinan) Municipal Mayor Susan P. Casareno of Rosales, Pangasinan (in blue shirt beside the woman in red vest) has distributed a family food pack to Ms. Tessie Macaraeg (center, holding a family food pack)

Department of Social Welfare and Development Field Office 1 (DSWD FO 1) has released a total amount of PhP14,601,751 of relief supplies for families in the municipalities and cities throughout Region 1 affected by Typhoon Ompong.

11,560 family food packs (FFPs) composed of 6 kilos of rice, 4 cans of sardines, 4 cans of corned beef, and 6 sachets of coffee were immediately distributed to affected families and individuals. Further, 6,796 non-food items comprised of sleeping kits, hygiene kits, and family kits were also distributed.

“Dakkel ti panagyaman mi ti DSWD datoy a tulong nga inted da” (We are very grateful to DSWD for the help they have given to us) shared by 65-year old Tessie Macaraeg from Brgy. Camangaan, Rosales, Pangasinan when she received the FFP.

Municipal Mayor Susan P. Casareno of Rosales, Pangasinan lauds DSWD FO 1 for the immediate delivery of 1,500 FFP augmentation in their municipality. Prior to the delivery of the said FFPs, the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Rosales has quickly responded to the food and non-food requirements of the typhoon victims.

DSWD Field Office 1 Regional Warehouse maintains a standby stockpile of 30,000 FFPs for any disaster. Further, the 11 satellite warehouses in the Region ensures that the minimum stockpiles are readily available to accommodate the requests of all LGUs. Trading or resale of relief supplies that are intended for distribution to disaster victims is prohibited by Republic Act No. 10121 or the Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act of 2010. (by: Darwin T. Chan, PDO III)

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DSWD FO 1 continuously augments relief supplies to areas affected by Ompong

The Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) helps in the repacking of DSWD family food packs (FFPs) for augmentation to affected LGUs.

After the onslaught of Typhoon Ompong, DSWD Field Office 1 (FO 1) continuously provides relief supply augmentation to affected families and individuals in various municipalities and cities throughout Region 1.

As of 18 September 2018, DSWD FO 1 has provided 11,560 family food packs amounting to PhP4,161,600.00 and 6,796 non-food items comprised of sleeping kits, hygiene kits, and family kits amounting to PhP10,440,151. In addition, local government units (LGUs) have extended a total assistance of PhP158,300.00 while non-government organizations (NGOs) augmented PhP1,950.00.

A total of 262,385 individuals or 62,647 families from 921 barangays of the four (4) provinces of the Region were affected by the typhoon. Likewise, 394 evacuation centers are currently catering to 49,864 individuals from 12,963 families in 88 cities / municipalities. According to official reports, due to landslide and flash floods, there were 87 totally and 1,947 partially-damaged houses.

Assistant Regional Director for Operations Marlene Febes D. Peralta shared that continuous manual repacking, with the support of community volunteers and other government agencies, is being conducted to facilitate all requests from the LGUs. She also emphasized that the DSWD family food packs should not be altered and must be directly given to affected families and individuals to address their immediate needs.

The Department, in coordination with other government offices, is simultaneously conducting rapid damage assessment and needs analysis (RDANA) to determine the type and extent of damages brought about by Typhoon Ompong, including its secondary threats, the critical needs of the affected population, and the local response capacities. (by: Darwin T. Chan, PDO III)

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