Department of Social Welfare and Development Field Office 1โ€™s (DSWD FO 1) assistance to those affected by the recent Super Typhoon Egay is still ongoing, but the Department assures the public that the agency has enough food and non-food items (FNFIs) ready for relief augmentation to Local Government Units (LGUs) should the need arises.

As of 26 August 2023, 5 P.M., a total of PhP80 million-worth of FNFIs are stockpiled and for replenishment to 20 Regional and Satellite warehouses in the four (4) provinces in Region 1 in preparation for the possible augmentation to LGUs affected by the Super Typhoon Goring.

The stockpile is composed of 46,737 family food packs and 19,706 non-food items (NFIs) consisting of hygiene kits, sleeping kits, family kits, kitchen kits, tents, laminated sacks, and other non-food relief goods.

In times of disaster, the LGUs are equipped to handle disaster response inย  the first three days, hence the assistance from DSWD is needed when the situation extends, affects a large number of citizens, and LGUโ€™s quick response fund is already depleted.

DSWD also reiterates that misrepresenting the source of relief goods by either covering, replacing or defacing the labels of the containers to make it appear that the goods came from another agency or persons is a violation under Section 19 of the Republic Act 10121. by Nicole Kasandra A. Lipawen, Information Officer II โ€“ Disaster Response Management Division