Early January 2020, DSWD Field Office 1 joined by its Centers and Institution, Provincial Operations Offices (POOs), and Municipal Operations Offices (MOOs) participated in the nationwide simultaneous celebration of the DSWD 69th Anniversary Celebration kick-off.

Staff from DSWD FO 1-Area 1 Vocational Rehabilitation Center paraded in red vest and waived colored flaglets during the simultaneous Anniversary Walk.

The Field Office staff in red vest teemed the streets during the Anniversary Walk which concluded in a gathering to watch the message of DSWD Secretary Rolando Joselito D. Bautista and video presentations of the 2019 accomplishments of each region.

In the message of the Secretary, he encouraged each staff to render sincere and transformative public service and explore innovative systems and practices in conveying and delivering programs and services to sustain and even surpass the DSWD goal. He ended the message by saying, “Let us promote and advance the DSWD towards change and protective caring services for the Filipino people. Forward DSWD, long live to the angels in red vest. Long live to all of us”.

Meanwhile, DSWD FO 1 Regional Director Marcelo Nicomedes J. Castillo expounded during an earlier activity that the DSWD staff who are “Angels in Red Vests” are also reflections of our favorite superheroes. He encouraged the staff saying that there are no challenges that cannot be overcome and surpassed as long there is belief in oneself and the values of the Department is put into each heart.

Staff from DSWD FO 1 watched livestreaming video of DSWD Secretary Rolando Bautista and video presentation of accomplishments from each region. 

This year’s anniversary celebration is guided by the theme “Social Integration: DSWD’s Major Thrust in line with Philippine Development Plan 2017-2022.” (by: Paul B. Ruiz, Information Officer I/Social Marketing Unit)