There were 47,078 Pantawid Pamilya households delisted from the program entire Region 1 as of August 2019. These households were delisted due to no eligible household members with 0-18 years old children, ineligibility or households with regular or sufficient income, fraud which includes misrepresentation and other fraudulent acts, misdemeanor like gambling, cash card pawning, among others, duplicate households, non-compliance to program conditions, and waived households.

Out of the 47,078 delisted households, 38,711 have no eligible household members, 6,958 voluntarily waived from the program 1,043 are ineligible, 170 duplicates, 162 misbehavior cases, 29 non-compliant, and 5 fraud cases.

Pangasinan, having the largest coverage has the greatest number of no eligible households with a total of 20,720; 474 ineligible households; 5 fraud cases; 93 misbehavior cases; 107 duplicate households; and 2,931 waived households.  To sum, there are 24,331 delisted households.

Moreover, among the four provinces, Ilocos Norte has the least number of delisted households: 4,753 not eligible; 1,104; waived; 170 ineligible; 19 misdemeanor cases; and 17 duplicates.

Ineligible households already reached self-sufficiency per assessment of Case Managers, Social Welfare Officers, and Grievance Officers based on the Grievance Redress System (GRS) Procedural Guidelines.

Waiving from the program is a voluntary decision of the household after claiming that they no longer need assistance from the program.  

Before the households will be delisted, they will undergo thorough and rigid assessment by the Case Managers. The assessment result will be the basis of recommending for delisting or retention of the household in the program. (by: Jaesem Ryan A. Gaces, Information Officer II/Pantawid Pamilya)