The DSWD FO 1 through its Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE) Committee has designed a Character of the Month Award to fully acknowledge employees who have displayed outstanding work performance, demonstrated commitment in his / her job, and consistently foster good relationships with co-employees, intermediaries, and clients.

To recognize employees fairly and equitably in correlation to the value of these individuals to the organization, each division / center / institution / program nominates one staff regardless of rank, position, and employment status who best depicts the character of the month. The awardee, to be featured on DSWD Ilocandia Facebook Page, is acknowledged on the 1st Monday / working day of the following month and receives a token.

Ms. Lera De Vera (right) receives Certificate of Recognition and token awarded by ARDO Marlene Febes D. Peralta (left) during the awarding ceremony.

“Our gratitude is to be pervasive. Let us be thankful not of some things, but of all things. There is so much to be thankful for,” shared Lera De Vera, the character awardee in September 2018. Lera, an SLP PDO II, exhibited her utmost Gratefulness by reciprocating kindness by giving a hand to a co-worker, recognizing the efforts of her colleagues during program implementation, providing free snacks to Parent Leaders during project monitoring activities, and rendering volunteer service with her family after the onslaught of Typhoon Ompong. The former Listahanan area coordinator encouraged all employees to put their best efforts and give gratitude to their work as a reflection of the values of the Agency in providing compassionate and prompt service.

For the month of October 2018, Honor takes the spotlight.

The Character of the Month Award started in January 2018 with the prime objective of retaining and motivating employees to work towards achieving the strategic goals of the Department. It also seeks to increase employees’ performance. All 2018 character awardees will be presented during the 2019 DSWD FO 1 Anniversary Celebration. (by: Darwin T. Chan, Social Marketing Unit)